The Lockdown Diary of Uncle Squirrel and Pūhoi Pete

Ann Garry


The daily lockdown doings of two small Eastbourne bears.

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About the book

New Zealand is going into lockdown, and the country’s teddy bears have been called upon to become essential workers. They’re to take up window duties to comfort children whose lives have been changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the seaside suburb of Eastbourne, two friends, Uncle Squirrel and Pūhoi Pete, take this very seriously but are disappointed to discover that they can’t be seen from their window because they aren’t very big. Then Pūhoi Pete has an idea …

During lockdown, Ann Garry posted the daily doings of the two small bears on the Eastbourne Community Facebook page. They quickly became essential reading, showing the new way of living and providing a moment to laugh or reflect. Gathered into a book, the stories stand as a reminder of a strange and uncertain time.

About the author

Ann Garry was born in Co. Longford, Ireland, and spent her early years there in her mother’s village, Granard, before moving to London for her infant school years where one nun tried unsuccessfully to make her right-handed. Weekly visits to the very quiet public library from a young age were a highlight as were the almost yearly visits ‘back home’, to Ireland and wide open spaces, freedom, and to see grandmothers, aunties, uncles, many cousins, and her dear brother and sister (but that’s a long story!). 

The highlights of the school years were meeting her best friend, Anita, PE and having an amazing secondary school English teacher, Mrs Chavase, who first introduced her to a thesaurus and a whole new vocabulary. She was the inspiration for Ann to eventually go to university as an adult and become a teacher. Prior roles included: working at Pontins holiday camp, running a london pub, junior assistant at a London advertising agency, working in an art gallery, as an aqua fitness instructor, as a community journalist and being a mum. 

Ann has lived in NZ for just over 30 years. She lives in Eastbourne with her husband and loves being surrounded by bush and beach. Hobbies include bush walking, swimming, being a member of the local theatre troupe and a volunteer on Matiu/Somes island – her favourite place in Wellington. 

Ann’s school reports frequently commented that ‘Ann would do so much better if she would concentrate more and stop daydreaming.’ Which is all a matter of opinion really.


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Number of pages: 180
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