Madeleine Slavick


Fifty stories and fifty images by award-winning writer and photographer Madeleine Slavick.

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About the book

In a valley along a highway, four consecutive towns, as if someone had once skipped a stone.

Each town takes its English name after a British man of the 1800s and offers free Wi-Fi.

Sunned dry mountains to the east, clouds clinging to damp ones in the west. Are we safe in the middle? Are we bored?

Welcome to Town, fifty stories and fifty images by writer and photographer Madeleine Slavick, who lived in Hong Kong for almost twenty-five years before moving to a Wairarapa country road that runs from state highway to bush.

Town is reminiscent of Robert Hass at his most beautifully imagistic, or Georgia O’Keeffe telling deep stories in flowers.” — Hinemoana Baker

town / ta℧n / n. 1 a An urban area that belongs to all of us, with a name, defined boundaries, and local government or, more precisely, the road I just walked … Slavick’s images and text are mutually supportive and distinct at the same time. She reminds us of how much is to be discovered if only we would stop and ponder. The road I just walked, I must walk again, with new eyes.— Robin White

At once humorous, poignant, arch, illuminating and matter-of-fact, Town gives you your hometown as if you had always remembered it that way yourself.— Jillian Sullivan

Slavick uses her eyes as a viewfinder, and language as film. She composes with conscience and sensitivity, in flashes of light and shadow, and finds a delicate access to sanity, and joy.” — Luo Hui

About the author

Madeleine Slavick was born and educated in USA, lived in Hong Kong for almost twenty-five years and now lives in Wairarapa, Aotearoa. She is the author of Something Beautiful Might Happen, Fifty Stories Fifty Images, delicate access 微妙之途 and Round: Poems and Photographs of Asia. Town is her first book published in New Zealand.

Author photo by Wong Yankwai 黃仁逵




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Number of pages: 132
Binding: soft cover