The Leaning Man

Anne Harré


An ex-cop. Her dead friend. A missing phone. The race is on …

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About the book

Wellington. The land dips and rolls, the wind has a life of its own. Dig a little deeper and the city is unforgiving and unrepentant. Forget the politicians, they’re poor amateurs in deception and crime.

It’s Saturday night down on the wharf. Celebrations are in full swing for the Westons’ fortieth wedding anniversary. Their daughter Stella has returned from London to attend. Once shoulder-tapped as detective material, a few bad decisions and a questionable ethical dilemma saw her leave the force under a cloud. She’s now a private investigator in London, reduced to filming errant husbands for court cases. She doesn’t want to be home.

Later that night her best friend Teri is found dead in a lane in the central city. Her phone is missing. It looks like suicide, but Stella won’t believe it.

Stella Weston is relentless, foul-mouthed and tenacious. She’s not above taking big risks to find the truth about her friend and the shady world she appears to have been dragged into.

The race is on between those who want the phone, the homeless man who’s pocketed it, and Stella.

The Leaning Man is crime fiction at its best.  The line-up of characters – zany, hard-living, ex-cop Stella; Mad-Dog, the homeless man with a past; Charlotte, the perfect sister; Kate, the singer in a dodgy nightclub – is not only hugely engaging but represents the layers of Wellington. The city itself is dazzlingly, vividly portrayed, so much so that it becomes a character in itself.  The novel is filled with wry humour, yet the social issues dealt with of homelessness and the exploitation of children are very real.  The writing is taut, filled with colour and the intricacies of plot; the mysteries and the dangers have the reader drawn in and turning the pages.” —Paddy Richardson

About the author

Anne Harré has studied music, literature, publishing and creative writing, and was awarded an NZSA Hachette mentorship for the manuscript of The Leaning Man.

She works now as a school librarian, but has also been a music teacher, bookseller, freelance editor and reviewer, and editor for the New Zealand Poetry Society anthology. She has also worked for the New Zealand Book Council and as a trustee on the Randell Cottage Writers Trust.

Anne lives in Wellington and The Leaning Man is her first book.


Dimensions: 128 x 198 mm
Number of pages: 316
Binding: soft cover

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