The Ghost House

Bill Nagelkerke


It seems the ghost house may not be entirely deserted or, at least, may have been occupied in recent times. David doesn’t know what to think. All he knows for sure is that the house makes him uneasy. The house, or what’s inside it.

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About the book

David’s family moves to a house on the edge of the Red Zone – a strange wilderness that’s returning to nature after earthquakes destroyed the homes there a decade before. But David doesn’t venture into the area. He’s not well – he can’t play cricket or go to school – and his parents have declared the Red Zone off limits.

Then one day, he blunders in and discovers an old villa, an earthquake survivor, protected by trees. The house speaks to him: I’m old and starting to disintegrate. Help me. Save me. Then David meets old Agnes, who seems to be living there – but how? And who are the mysterious lanyard people she’s afraid of? Come inside, the house says to David. I can show you.

About the author

Author photo of Bill NagelkerkeA former children’s librarian, Bill Nagelkerke has written short stories, poems, plays and books for all ages, as well as translating other people’s books from Dutch into English. He has won the Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal and Lecture Award, and The Ghosts on the Hill (2020) was a Storylines Notable Book and joint winner of the 2021 Storylines What Now Kids’ Pick Award.


Dimensions: 120 x 185 mm
Number of pages: 186
Binding: soft cover

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