Super Spareparts and the Nemerons from the Twelfth Quadrant

C.J. Parker


“Nah.” Sam shook his head. “You’re messing with us. Right?”

“Negative. It appears the Nemerons have disguised themselves as four human males who go by the names of Skud, Maggot, Tank and Beetle.”

About the book

A freak accident leaves Sam Steele with no legs, one hand and one eye, but not for long. He gets super spare body parts from the mysterious prosthetics engineer Dr Ecks, who recruits Sam as a superhero and gives him a sidekick dog with a high-tech tail. Sam’s first mission is to stop the Nemerons from the twelfth quadrant taking over Earth by blowing up the world’s poo ponds, but things get messy …

This wacky adventure starts in Blowhard Bay and goes sky high!

About the author

C.J. Parker loves beaches, animals, food and words, and she has a special passion for writing for children, because kids are every­thing adults have forgotten how to be. C.J. has four children and many grandchildren, and lives in the wilds of the Wairarapa.


Dimensions: 128 x 198 mm
Number of pages: 176
Binding: soft cover
Additional information: Also available in ePub and mobi formats.

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