Five O’Clock Shadows

Richard Langston


Poems that return over and over to the land – an offering to the country of Richard’s bones and of his heart.

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About the book

From a longdrop that demands binoculars to Caberfeidh in the Catlins where his father picked plums from the passing train, Richard Langston writes poems that return over and over to the land.

Born to a Lebanese immigrant family in Dunedin, and a Country Calendar director by trade, he is constantly refreshing his acquaintance with the country he calls home. Somehow writing it down seals the deal.
‘We make marks in ink,’ he says. ‘We are here.’

Poetry is incantation too, and Richard uses it to call family from the shadows and sing ancestors into being, a tentative offering to the country of his bones and of his heart.

About the author

Richard Langston is a veteran broadcasting journalist and director, who comes from Dunedin, and was a driving force in the city’s music scene in the 1980s. He lives in Wellington and is a proud member of the three-person South Wellington Poetry Society.


Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
Number of pages: 90
Binding: soft cover

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