Photos of the Sky

Saradha Koirala


A poetic trans-Tasman journey of change and new beginnings.

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About the book

Saradha’s new collection, Photos of the Sky, starts with a declaration; ends in realisation. In between is a journey of reaching across the Tasman, shifting to a new home, reaching a place of disquiet and starting again. The full spectrum of emotions brings with it rain, sweat, tears, wildflowers and the promise of snow.


What the reviewers said about Tear Water Tea :

“Koirala has that knack of creating depth with a simple few lines — she creates images that seem to arise without effort, ideas that quietly lift off the page to settle in the mind of the reader, resonating long after you close the pages.” ~ Stella Chrysostomou

“Zen aficionados might urge us to just liwve in the moment but Saradha’s poetry suggests that an appreciation of our own experience is not immediately apparent but rather requires memory, reflection, perhaps even the act of writing, to make sense.” ~ Harvey Molloy

About the author

Saradha Koirala is a writer and teacher living in Melbourne, after relocating from Wellington. This is her third poetry collection, after Wit of the staircase and Tear Water Tea. She also published a novel, Lonesome when you go, in 2016.


Dimensions: 150 x 210mm
Number of pages: 58
Binding: Soft cover