Me Old Mate Jock: Tales of mussels, Marlborough and mayhem

KJ Donaldson


A collection of almost-true yarns about one man’s balls-ups while setting himself up in the mussel industry in the Marlborough Sounds.

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About the book

As Jock lurches from one incident to the next, it seems impossible that someone could get themselves into quite so much strife while growing a few quiet molluscs – but Jock manages it and, if truth be told, he’s at it still.

The stories are told by a mate that Jock talked into joining him to make millions out of mussels. Although the money didn’t roll in, the laughs did, along with a barrage of abuse from all the mussel farmers and other people in the industry who were called upon to help Jock out of his fixes.

KJ Donaldson has drawn on a wealth of experience of mussel-farming and a love for that unique place: the Marlborough Sounds.

About the author

KJ Donaldson lived in Wellington and worked as a mussel farmer in the Marlborough Sounds.


Dimensions: 128 x 198 mm
Number of pages: 196
Binding: soft cover
Additional information: Illustrations by Bill Carden-Horton



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