Harriet and the Eye of the Bird

Julie Lamb

A wild and humorous with fantastical elements that lie in wait for the unsuspecting reader.


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About the book

The award-winning author of The Discombobulated Life of Summer Rain (Best First Book NZ Book Awards for Children 2017), brings another feisty and imaginative girl to the page.

About the author

Julie has always spent a lot of time thinking up stories in her head, but she properly started writing when her children Louis and Bella were growing up in Greytown and wanted more stories about crazy, funny kids. She believes there is more to the world than what we see in front of us, and says it’s a kind of magic, which works itself out in all sorts of ways. Julie tries to capture that magic in her stories, and one day hopes to grow a set of wings, even if only on the inside.


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